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Big Mistakes or How Not to Go to College

January 29, 2009

I work in publishing, and I can’t imagine a time when I won’t feel out of place.  As an immigrant and a refugee, my mother pressed me into trying to have a secure job when I got out of college.  So, I ended up applying to half of the top 50 college in the US.  I was accepted into Tulane, which is a great college, but small and isolated.  I would have loved to major in classics, English, or film, but I chose political science, because it was….a science.

Now I know that it doesn’t really matter what you major in, or even what school, unless you’re sure you want to do something very specialized.  It’s far better to do well in your major, as people are far more likely to hold a low GPA against you (and no one ever gives you credit for going to an especially difficult school).

Back to publishing, here I am fortunate enough to be in this industry that I love, doing what I love.  And I’m kicking myself for wasting 4 years in a major I hated (although I read a lot of books under my desk!)

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