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Moving Day

February 3, 2009

I moved this past Friday and Saturday, from Harlem to Astoria.  Here’s 10 things that seem like unmitigated luxury in my new apartment:

1. I have plugs in the bathroom, and can dry my hair.

2. Paul and I can stand side by side in the bathroom.

3. I haven’t been woken up a single night by loud bass music or someone screaming, “I’ll fucking kill you!!!”

4. Our windows slide open and closed easily and they all lock.

5. My kitchen isn’t covered in rat feces.

6. The water in the shower doesn’t fluctuate wildly from ice cold to water so hot that it melts tupperware.

7. There’s hot water.

8. None of the stairs to the apartment are cracked or missing.

9. Not only do we have a front door that locks, there are two locked front doors.

10. When we turn the radiators on, it’s warm.  When we shut them off, its cold.  This is in contrast to On: roughly the temperature of the surface of Venus. Off: roughly ninety degrees until the giant pipes cool off, then freezing and literally snowing into the apartment from shoddy windows.

That’s just in the apartment!

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