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February 13, 2009

February 13

7:41am – Wake up.  Drink tea.  Get Paul to make me cereal and then complain that he didn’t cut off the green parts of the strawberry and gave me “hollow ones”.

9:17am – Sit at the new NYC marriage bureau.  Paul roped in to taking photos of wedded couples.  He makes $3.17 in tips.

10:07am – Go to work to cover for Julie.  She had to go to a special eye doctor and we were terribly worried that she had eye cancer, but it just turns out that she just doesn’t really close her eyes whn she blinks.  So, don’t try and sneak up on her because she will gut you like a trout.

11:13am – Julie gets back and I run for the train.

11:47am – Sitting endlessly at Queens Plaza because the train is ahead of time.  A man from Lennys seems to be following me and I’m worried that I’ll have to karate chop him in the head if he follows me off the subway.

11:56am – Guy from Lennys gets off the train and lives to see another day.

12:03pm – Make it home and begin waiting for DirecTV guy.  He’s scheduled to come between 12-4pm.

12:45pm – Finish lunch and go to bed to take a nap.

1:34pm – Mom calls from Minnesota.  She’s at Macy’s and they’re having a sale on pillowcases.  Would I like some? Sure.  My choice of colors is light blue, dark blue, gold, light brown, dark brown.  I choose dark blue and light brown.  Fall asleep again.

2:03pm – Paul calls.  He’s on his own deeply spiritual journey of faith: getting a passport in New York.  Apparently there are only three post offices in New York that will now let you submit paperwork for your passport.  Paul calls and they say they process applications from 8am-4pm.  However, the one woman at one of the three post offices in New York City that can do this extremely specialized work is at lunch.

2:15pm – All ability to nap ruined.  I do my taxes.

3:00pm – I’m getting a nice refund.

4:15pm – I look online at my DirecTV account and it says to call an 800 number.  I call and they say the technician is delayed but he’s on his way.  They also give me a $100 credit because they missed the window.

4:30pm – I was all the dishes and scrub the kitchen.

5:00pm – I get a call that the technician is coming between 6pm and 7pm.  I run out the door and get money to pick up my dry cleaning.

6:00pm – Watch Family Guy on Hulu.

6:42pm – Get a call.  The guy is really, really, really going to come in a half hour.  Seriously.

6:57pm – I suppose in a different situation, I would be incredibly upset and enraged that I’ve been waiting for my cable for 7 hours.  Why is it that I’m merrily eating peanut butter on an English muffin?  First, I once ordered a DVR from DirecTV and it took two months of repeated calls to get, so I expct the worse.  This is New York City, where it took me six months and an “email bomb” to 100 Verizon executives to get a simple repair on our high-speed internet.  Really, I am more than mentally prepared to take at least 3-4 Fridays and a large cash bribe to get this thing hooked up.  Second, DirecTV has really come through with really good communication, polite customer service reps, and a big credit for the account.

7:44pm – Paul came home a little while ago and we took out the garbage per our strict Queens garbage day rules.  He is now making some dinner.  No sign of DirecTV.

February 14

10:30pm – Call DirecTV.  No explanation given for why they didn’t show up yesterday after 10 hours of waiting.  Rescheduled for the 20th and given credit for “time without service” (which is twenty days and counting).  At this point you may be asking, why don’t I cancel?  Well, DirecTV ropes you into a draconian “early termination contract”.  I got stuck in a year contract just for upgrading to DVR.  It’s $12/month left on the contract, and we have 5 months left.

11:16am – Paul is unhappy that they’re making us wait another week.  They tell us to suck it.  They might come out next Friday….wait and see!

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