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Delta Airline should call Midwest Airline about proper customer service done right.

April 13, 2009

Not that I’m surprised at the comments my Delta post got.  People on the internet will happily say that you’re ugly, that you’re an awful parent, and that you’re neglecting your mom with cancer.  I imagine that in real life, these people range from the classic 30-year-old in the basement to the guy in accounting everyone avoids like the plague.

I just had to report that not only should Delta NOT have charged my mom $500 for switching her flight a week because she got cancer, but that other airlines would know good customer service from their, ahem, behinds.

I had to travel back and forth often to Minnesota while my mom was in the hospital (and if a certain commenter actually had any family with serious illness, he’d know that there’s a lot of downtime sitting around a hospital room.  Plus my mom’s hospital had free wireless.  So there:)).  Of course it happened that my mom was released the day I was set to fly back to New York.  I called Midwest Airlines expecting a lot of guff, but they briefly put me on hold to call the hospital  (Delta made my mom come in person early to the airport) and switched my flight for free, within 10 minutes.  In the past they’ve switched me to a direct flight on NWA when there were delays (and yes, I’m concerned that Delta’s awful management will start to trickle down to Midwest), run on to the plane to save my baggage, and their fresh baked cookies are reason alone to fly with them.  Here’s hoping that someone at Midwest will clue Delta in on how to treat customers, especially when they’re most liable to hold a grudge forever….

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