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Travelling pharmacies

May 4, 2009

I was married recently in Poland.  I spent 22 days in Europe, six in Paris and sixteen in Poland.  While there, I developed a weird fetish for pharmacies.

In Krakow, they seem to have discovered the great developmental leap that is Walgreens/CVS/Duane Reade.  My grandma’s village, on the other hand, had a “beauty supply” store next to a pharmacy.  But for contact lens solution, I had to go to the eye doctor’s.

All this pales in comparison to Paris, where French women, I suspect, don’t get periods.  If they do, they’re dainty, French, little periods.

In the States, there’s drug stores everywhere, and there are literally 40 kids if tampons and 40 kinds of maxi pads, plus alternative period solutions (the cup!?!?) and even pantyliners for thongs.

In France, you get OB regular and super, and Tampax regular and super, and a maxi pad.  That’s it, man.

(By the way, I did bring tampons, but lost them in Poland.  I hope Poland is enjoying my Tampax Super glides.)

When I was in Japan, I brought over a suitcase full of bulk tampons from Sam’s Club, because Japanese women don’t use tampons (why? beats me.)  Leave it to France to take it a step further and remove the reproductive cycle altogether.

Final proof: We went to the pharmacy to look for some Midol.  The female pharmacist looked at us blankly and said, “Menstrual cramps?  How about ibuprofen?”  Arrrrg!

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