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Loved too much

May 14, 2009

I am thinking of going to nursing school in Minnesota.  I’ll be out there a ton to take care of my mom and non-resident tuition is much cheaper than in-state New York tuition (unless I’d be willing to live in Albany or Buffalo).  Plus, living in New York is a daily experience of being punched in the stomach, and there comes a time when you think to yourself, ‘maybe I should move somewhere where I’m not punched in the stomach every day’.

Some examples:

almost no one (outside of big corporations and government jobs) offers dental insurance.  So you have to buy “dental insurance”, which is just a discount system that shockingly, most dentists won’t accept.  I needed some crowns put in after three root canals ($500 a pop).  I found a place under my “insurance” that charged another $500 per crown.  The wait time with an appointment was 2 hours, in a crowded waiting room where no one spoke English.  I had to hold the xray machine in place with my hand because the extensive mechanical tape on it wasn’t that effective.

I went to hand in my passport paperwork at a random post office in Queens.  I arrive at 1pm.  I leave at 2:30pm.  There were still four people ahead of me.

We once had Fedex “deliver” a washer.  Except that not only would they not give us a delivery time, they would tell us a day and then not deliver.  Basically, they expected us to take like a week vacation in the hopes that they might come.  So, we rented a car and went to the facility in the Bronx.  Far past Hobo Town, the road literally ended and I was off-roading in a Ford Focus along some railroad tracks.  Suddenly, I saw “FEDEX” spray painted on a highway barrier.  It looked like a scene out of a post-apocalyptic movie.  We turned in and drove a further half mile and then waited.  For an hour.  And felt incredibly guilty for the people who had walked over and hour through no-man’s land to get there.  Washer liberated.

Unfortunately, my sweetie has a nice job here and doesn’t want me to go, even for a few months at a time, to Minnesota.  My mom, on the other hand, needs me to be with her, at least for a couple months.  So here I am, torn in two directions.  Do I stay or do I go now?

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