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June 6, 2009

I finally got a letter from NY Unemployment, and a friend helped me navigate to a real person.  It seriously took me 18 minutes and two fake-outs (“ok, here’s the information you need, go to back to the menu or we’ll hang up”).  They didn’t get a thing I faxed which I totally did fax.  Laaaaaaame.

I went to chemo with my mom on Thursday and it was a pretty good time.  The whole thing is like visiting a shi-shi 4-star hotel or first-class airline lounge.

First you go into the Frauenshuh Cancer Center.  I think that having your hospital “area” named after someone, and a lot of good, if slightly disturbing, art is the bare-minimum mark of getting decent health care.  Case in point, the Mayo clinic has a hallway of Warhols just hanging across from the subpar cafeteria, so you can look while munching on your undercooked, Jimmy Dean sausage sandwich (no joke).  Also, there’s a Rodin in a corner, behind a stairwell.  It’s one thing if your hospital has nice art, but you know that they’ve got some serious moolah when they shove a Rodin statue behind a stairwell in the basement.

So, we head in to the Frauenshuh Cancer Center, and they offer us tea, coffee, juice, or water, and apologize that the fresh-baked muffins haven’t arrived yet.  It’s cool, because Park Nicollet has the Muffin Man, which makes killer sandwiches on fresh baked bread.  Also, muffins (duh).

We get our own little room to get chemo, with a shared bathroom with the room next door.  My mom gets a fancy reclining chair that is heated!  There is a TV with cable and A/V, and you can borrow a laptop.  Park Nicollet even has a whole online thing where you can email your doctor or chat with other patients.  The future is now!

After a long day of chemo, parking is validated down to $2.  Oh, I almost forgot, the pharmacy has pagers like those fancy chain restaurants all over Minnesota.  So you can have a cookie and mocha at Muffin Man and get buzzed when your meds are ready.  Isn’t that crazy!?

I am professionally unemployed at the moment and not expecting much to change.  I send out a couple resumes a week just to test the waters, and it’s as dead as doornails out there.  I’m busy taking classes, cleaning, making jewelry, sewing, pounding through all the consignment stores in Minnesota, reading, catching up on Netflix, running errands for Mom.  Working again will be a breeze after all this!

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