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Maple Grove Farmer’s Market

June 12, 2009

I was driving around Maple Grove today, completely maxed out on Byerly’s and Cub Foods.  I love Byerly’s, but somehow I always end up spending about $40 for one little bag of food (they have really good heirloom tomatoes now, fyi).  I am pretty neutral towards Cub, like they don’t carry Ezekial muffins.  Come on, they were mentioned on Oprah, get with the program Cub!  Ok, I was actually thinking about going to (yerg) Wal-Mart.  But mostly I was thinking, ‘man, I wish I could find a Farmer’s Market.’

And just like that, with the powers of my mind, I saw a sign on Weaver Lake Road that said “FARMERS MARKET TODAY AT 3PM”.  The signs then got a little misleading, all these crazy arrows this way and that way, when the sign could’ve just said it was in the community center parking lot (behind the Cub).

First, I wanted srawberries for a cake, but unfortunately, the strawberries I bought were so juicy and delicious that we just ate them.  Oh well.  I also got rhubarb and potatoes.  I got a whole chicken and butter for just $11!  And I almost forgot to grab eggs (you cannot beat farm-raised eggs).  They also had homemade ice cream, barbeque, and massages.

Way to go, Maple Grove, you rule.  I borrowed that photo from the Farmer’s Market website, so stop over there to see details about future markets!

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