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New York Unemployment: Maybe I’ll just buy a lottery ticket

June 15, 2009

What is it now?  Eleven weeks?  Twelve weeks?  I submitted my unemployment claim at the end of March.

I wrote them a letter in May, and someone clued me in that there was a secret way to talk to a person on the unemployment “help” line.  Yes, how to get a hold of a person to discuss why your claim hasn’t been processed FOR MONTHS requires secret information handed down amongst the New York unemployed underclass.  It takes between 13-18 minutes, and there are several times where it tells you it will hang up or take you back to the main menu.

So, I get hold of the person and they didn’t get a fax from me (even though I had the confirmation, as if that matters!)  This time I faxed and mailed it two weeks ago.

I can’t take it anymore.  I’ve done so much work on this stupid thing, walked through hell, and what if my claim is denied?  Now they make you fill out a worksheet to track the jobs you’ve applied to.  Which is fine, except, of course, you can’t just send in your sent emails or careerbuilder account.  Instead, they somehow act like everyone who applies to a job knows the name of the hiring person, address, and phone number of the jobs they are applying to.  So, I’m painfully writing out craigslist emails that probably don’t even work anymore because the folks at unemployment think I’m asking Doc Sawyer down at the Old Saw Mill for a job.

You have to know that no one is reading those, let alone checking them.  There’s like three people answering phones and taking months to process claims, and now everyone who is unemployed in New York is sending in these worksheets.

It makes you want to sit down and weep.

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